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Since Arn B. Malmberg is both licensed and bonded auctioneer as well as a licensed realtor, he can handle the selling of your residence or land with ease.  He is also able to provide you with a fair market analysis real estate appraisal to help you with the liquidation of an estate or for tax purposes.

To provide the maximum exposure for your property, Arn B. Malmberg will launch an intensive advertising promotion prior to the date of your auction.

Auctions make great fundraisers! You can sell everything from sports memorabilia to restaurant gift certificates to bring the cash you need.

1. Absolute Auction - property will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price. This type of auction draws the largest turnout of serious buyers and investors, since there is a guarantee that the property will be sold the day of the auction. Also buyers and investors know they have a good chance to buy the property.


2. Subject To Owner Confirmation - this type of auction allows the seller to accept or reject the final bid. The excitement and urgency is somewhat lost in an auction subject to confirmation. Many buyers are not willing to participate in auctions subject to confirmation because the seller has the right to say no to the sale.


3. Opening Minimum Bid or Publish Minimum Bid Auction - in this case the opening bid is the minimum acceptable price that the owner will accept and is pre-determined and pre-advertised. This means that only one bid can buy the property and bidding starts at the minimum acceptable published price.

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