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Certified Appraiser & Realtor


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With Arn B. Malmberg’s vast knowledge of the marketplace, he can determine the appropriate channels for advertising your auction based on the type of merchandise you are looking to sell. A targeted marketing strategy such as this will attract interested buyers and help you to get the results you want.

• Create competition among bidders

• On or off-site auctions

• Potentially higher selling prices

• All items usually sold in 1 day

Arn B. Malmberg is a licensed and bonded auctioneer, certified personal property appraiser and licensed realtor.

Ensure the success of your auction

with our expert marketing techniques

Preparing for an auction can be overwhelming. Let Arn B. Malmberg help lighten your work load with a full range of auction services. He will guide you through all aspects of your auction from packing and moving to listing inventory for advertising to the final settlement.


Customized marketing plans

Benefits of the auction method

Advertising your


Relieve your stress with complete auction services

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