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At a yard sale, you run the risk of selling your unique pieces for giveaway prices. Turn to certified personal property appraiser, Arn B. Malmberg to sell your items at auction so you can earn the money you deserve. He has 28 years of experience and can easily appraise and sell a wide assortment of items for you.

At flea markets and yard sale are where some dealers buy. Those dealers then sell at auction because they know the benefit of selling quality items at auction will get them many offers.

Arn B. Malmberg offers FREE consultations for estate sales.

• Licensed and bonded auctioneer

• Get multiple offers

• Certified appraisals

• Earn more money

• Full range of auction services

When you are setting up for a yard sale, your guard maybe down and some thrifty shoppers are looking to take advantage of this. They'll arrive early and make you an offer on a unique piece for less than it is worth. By selling your goods at auction with licensed auctioneer Arn B. Malmberg, you’ll get several offers instead of

just one and sell it all in one day.

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Don’t sell a valuable item for pennies on

the dollar!

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