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Auction Stewardship since 1987

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Certified Appraiser & Realtor


P.O. Box 404

Bally, PA 19503


By choosing an experienced auctioneer for your fundraiser, you’ll be able to sell your big ticket items for the highest possible prices. Arn B. Malmberg is a certified auctioneer who has 28 years of experience that he will put to work for your cause.

• Schools

• Churches

• Non-profit groups

• Charities and more

Earn the most for your residential or commercial property by hiring Arn B. Malmberg,

Auctioneer and Appraiser.

With Arn B. Malmberg at the helm, you can be sure that your charity auction will be profitable and keep attendees coming back year after year. He has the expertise to keep the crowd entertained and engaged while making sure the event

runs smoothly.

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